Book Covers

A little bit more covers...This time book covers.

The first one is absolutely positive.
Robert Dollarhide "To Touch a Woman"


The book is avaliable at Trafford Publishing, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Google books
You may look inside of the book at Amazon.

And another one, not so positive.



On the cover you may recognize my "Tea Party" photo.
The book was published in May, but it has come to my attention only now.
I did not sign any agreement with the author or publusher.
Publisher has ignored my letter where i asked them to contact me, one publisher reminds me three monkeys :)



May be someone can advice me what to do in this case?
My big problem is that i know no word in Chinese :D

p.s. If you know who is the author of this cute photo with three Japanise girls,please let me know :)