Self Artists

b3I'm happy to introduce you my new project: Self Artists.

It´s not really new, we worked on it for the last year, but now it is will hit the market soon: The book Self Artists,created by me and the author Marten Martens.

We collected exceptional online artists who use their own body as a piece of art. In our opinion this is a new kind of expressing emotions and creating messages. It became possible since the invention of digital photography and Internet-showcases that bring these works to a huge audience.

The book is published in London by Xin Publishing.

The hardcover version, 88 pages, 17x17 cm, is already available on and can be ordered from there.

Within the next few weeks there will also be a softcover version of 21x21 cm, I will keep you updated as soon as this is available!

I am very proud to introduce these wonderful pictures from all around the world. It´s a wonderful book.

Also :
Visit Self Artists webpage 
Look inside the book at Amazon
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Or groups at DeviantArt or Flickr

P.S.: Xin Publishing told me that it will be available as an eBook, too. I will keep you updated when that happens.

And here are two more picts of my personal copy of the book (just as a bonus) :)