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29 June 2014

Some photos from Vienna workshop

Last week i made art nude workshop in Vienna in collaboration with Andreas Bübl.
These are some sample photos from 2 sets organized by me.

28 February 2014

Making of "Leaf"

Check some before/after and editing stream video

19 February 2014

Four years later

Do you remember shooting with oranges and cute little girl?

13 February 2014

Shooting with Nadya

Some more photos.

24 December 2013

Holiday reflection

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! And thanks everybody for Birthday wishes!

06 November 2013

Trierenberg Super Circuit Gala 2013

Some more photos from Gala...

04 October 2013

Shooting with Miele

 Some good news and some bad news

16 September 2013

IPA 2013

 Got some awards...
 IPA 2013HonorableMention IPA 2013HonorableMention IPA 2013HonorableMention

13 September 2013

Berlin Patterns

Just sharing some impressions...

03 August 2013

Positive moments

Some nice moments in country side

14 July 2013

Country Life

Some nagging and impressions from country life.

14 July 2013

Seattle Erotic Art Festival 2013

One more artistic event in my life.

24 April 2013

Trierenberg Super Circuit 2013

B-01-Linz-05-Seal-Trierenberg This year Trierenberg results were announced very quite.

12 April 2013

Exhibition: Form of Life

Posted in 366 Project

550I'm happy to invite you to the exhibition organized bt my friend Chris de Vida


01 February 2013

Ask me

If you ever wanted to ask me anything, feel free. I'll try to answer all your questions...

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